Welcome to the College Student Success Podcast blog! Thanks for stopping by to check out the blog that accompanies the podcast.

The College Student Success Podcast is devoted to helping college students with mental health issues succeed in achieving their goals. I hope that students with other kinds of disabilities will find this information helpful as well.

Whereas I find most podcasts are meant for ‘passive listening’ in that you, the listener, aren’t really expected to do anything but listen, this podcast will focus on empowering you to take an active role by setting a goal that you have a passion for achieving (it can be school-related, but doesn’t have to be), then try out the strategies I talk about that might help you get closer to achieving your goals, your dreams.

I’ve been trained over the years in several practices that will help guide this podcast.  My background is rooted in Psychiatric Rehabilitation. I earned my Master’s degree in Psych Rehab, as it’s affectionately known, (also called Psychosocial Rehabilitation in some circles) from what used to be the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), but has since integrated with Rutgers University.  I now work in the Department doing research in a specific kind of rehabilitation, Supported Education, which focuses on giving students with mental health issues support and helping them succeed in college.

The research team I work with is finishing up a research study that is looking at whether or not these students respond favorably to cognitive remediation.  Over the past three years, I’ve worked as a Cognitive Specialist, meeting with students and helping them improve their memory, attention, verbal learning, and problem-solving abilities.

This unique blending of skill in Psych Rehab, Supported Education, and Cognitive Remediation will form the foundation for this podcast in assisting students to set goals that tap into their passions, the goals that people dream of accomplishing, but often have trouble dedicating time to attending to, and then giving you strategies to try and work into your daily life.  I’m going to provide tips and info about resources that will help you work more efficiently, as well as get back on track quicker after things derail.

Students in general face a unique set of circumstances.  The role of student is a temporary one in the formal sense that you’re not “on campus” forever, but a permanent one in the sense that we should all strive to be lifelong learners.  Students need basic skills (reading, writing, etc) at a certain level in order to simply move forward at the college level, but it’s the more refined skills (study skills, a task management system) that separate the ones who excel from the ones that do not.

Students with disabilities have an extra layer of struggle to navigate, come to terms with, and compensate for that students without disabilities will never be able to comprehend. I want to help this population stay focused on the goals that matter, and give them tools to make those goals attainable.

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