Before we work on goals, let’s talk about not working on them

July 28, 2015
Relaxing travel for the holidays     I’m targeting college students with mental health issues who wish to get better at setting goals and achieving them. The research being done in my department with this population over the past three years has led me to working with a specific subset of those students; ones that are looking for help and want to overcome the barriers they are experiencing. Research is by nature a voluntary association, so the people that came into our study were what we in the mental health field might refer to as ‘help-seekers’.
     With the plethora of negative terms that abound for people with mental illness, this is actually a good label to have in the industry, as to be labeled as such shows that the person has some level of insight into the fact that they need help.  It also demonstrates they’re willing to put themselves out there to actually go about asking for it.
     I anticipate attracting quite a few help-seekers to the College Student Success Podcast. After all, people that are happy with the status quo, or really don’t see a need to advance beyond where they are, simply won’t take the time to look for, let alone download and listen to this kind of podcast. The people that are going to do this, or Google something like “college student disability goal success” and read this blog, are people that want help and are using skills in order to find it.
     Now will I actually be able to help you? Heh heh, we shall see in due time, but today’s post is not actually about working on goals at all. It’s about what you should be doing when not working on goals.
     The answer to this question is… at some point this year, you should plan to do nothing but what you’re passionate about. That’s right, I said it, you need a vacation! You need a time to set aside where you don’t work on your goals and instead do what we put in the hard work the rest of the year to achieve: an extended time to unwind and relax.
     I’m writing this blog post from a rented beach house on Long Beach Island, NJ. When I’m done with it, I’m going to play with my son, or go fishing, or something else fun as a family. And I’m going to keep doing this for the rest of the week, since I worked my ass off the rest of the year to pay for and earn this vacation. Writing this post for me is all about my passion for helping you all. Yes folks, this is my idea of vacation. It’s not work.
     So take some time this year to enjoy just spending time being a human being engaging in the things that make life special. It might be too late to do it this summer, so then plan it for a break during the fall semester or maybe during winter break. Even if you don’t have any money to actually go somewhere nice, a long weekend away somewhere close by, or even just a plain ‘ole staycation can work wonders in refocusing you to a place where you remember why you work on goals in the first place.

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