Episode 104: Interview with a College Graduate – Autism Edition

August 7, 2018

Hi everyone, hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Thanks to Elice for the inspiration for this episode.

Join Justin and I today as we discuss:

  • What it has been like managing autism while being a student in college
  • Some of the biggest school obstacles related to his disability that he had to overcome
  • Justin’s support network.
  • Some of the biggest life learning lessons discovered while in college
  • Some of Justin’s favorite tools/resources that helped make school more manageable
  • Advice for college students with developmental/intellectual disabilities that have big goals/dreams and might be struggling right now to make any progress on them
  • Advice for faculty related to helping students with development/intellectual disabilities succeed in college. What can we do better?

After the interview I discuss some of my summer activities and a few upcoming episode ideas I’m considering for the fall!

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