Episode 11: Mentorship, WTF?

October 5, 2015
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Question from Reddit today about anxiety re: finding a college/career
How I came to have a mentor
Key Info for this Podcast: 
Mentorship is getting a lot of press recently, and I wanted to weigh in.  At the conference I attended last week that I spoke about in Episode #10, mentorship was a theme I heard reiterated throughout my time there.  Both young people with mental health issues as well as those without can almost universally benefit from a positive mentor/protege relationship
  • Don’t ask a stranger
  • Let it happen naturally
  • Like a good relationship (intimate or otherwise), it can’t be forced, and is something you find when you’re least looking for it.  So don’t actively actually look for a mentor, instead:
  • Meet people who share your passions, but have more experience than you
  • Identify 1 or 2 you really connect with
  • Do something for them, figure out what would be helpful on your own by looking for clues
  • When the time is right, ask them to talk sometime about your future intersts
The Home Exercises I’ve Suggested So Far Are:
  1. Set a big goal that ties into your passion.
  2. Write it down, then figure out the first few steps and write them down too.
  3. Figure out dependable time capture and task management tools.
  4. Look back at the first steps, think about what they might have in common, they should lead you to developing a simple ritual (waking up earlier, studying at same time every day, drinking more water).
  5. Today, think about the people around you, or the places where you have the opportunity to meet people. Think about one person you can approach to have a conversation. Again, you’re not asking them to be your mentor. You just want them at this point to know who you are.
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