Episode 13: The Weekly Review, Keep those Balls Held High!

October 12, 2015
Juggling on the beach
Story Time
The idea of keeping many balls up in the air simultaneously. (huge dinner—>strategic plan)
Key Info for this Podcast: 
Back in Episode #7 I talked about the importance of having a dedicated place to track your time and the tasks you need to accomplish. Some use a planner, others create their own calendars, I use Passion Planner; the point in that episode was to find and use something you trust.
Today we’re going to talk about setting aside time once a week to review how you spent your time, and plan for the week ahead. I would almost venture to say that this isn’t negotiable, but I know better. I won’t admit to using the same time every week to do weekly planning (though I should), but most weeks I do it this way:
  1. Look back on the things you scheduled for yourself. Did you attend to everything you were planning to? If not, move those things to a new spot when it makes sense, or put it on your To-Do list to do another time.
  2. Look at your To-Do list, make sure everything’s crossed off that should be.
  3. Brainstorm new things that might come to mind looking at the list (reference syllabi).
  4. Add things to your calendar for the month ahead (predominantly with paper planners, automate this stuff with electronic calendars).
  5. Look for patterns. Are you always busy Tues afternoon? This is helpful info, and now you’ll plan accordingly.
  6. Work, school, life, it all goes in the same place and is handled in a similar way.
  7. The time it takes me to do this is usually 15-30 minutes, and I am to do it Friday for the upcoming week.
  8. Try and find a time to start doing this every week that makes sense for you.
  9. What to do with a task that lingers for eternity. (Is it fear, or is it unclear?).
  • Ongoing Schedule
    • 2 episodes per week for 15 weeks (Traditional College Semester)
    • 1st one (Mon) will be goal focused
    • 2nd one (Thurs) mental health focused
  • Email address: collegestudentsuccesspodcast@gmail.com
  • Link to thread on reddit to discuss the episode:


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