Episode 15: Urgency and Importance for College Students

October 19, 2015
Urgent-vs-Important.inddSTORY TIME:
Why I picked today’s topic (function stacking)
Quick intro on permaculture
Student question about reusing an old paper
Key Info for this Podcast: 
Today we’re going to talk about the Urgency/Importance Matrix, and how it can help you feel more productive at school by identifying where each of tasks you have to do belongs in the matrix. The idea is to decrease the amount of distractions and increase the amount of time working on tasks in what I’ll call the “Quadrant of Productivity.”
A picture of the matrix is included in the blog post/show notes. For the listening audience, here’s a breakdown of each quadrant:
Quadrant 1 (important & urgent)
Quadrant 4 (not important & not urgent)
Quadrant 3 (urgent & not important)
Quadrant 2 (important & not urgent)
Examples of each
Wrap-Up/Home Exercise:
This week, think about the things that are bogging you down.  Which quadrant do you see them in? How we can we devote more of our time and resources to Quadrant 2?

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