Episode 16: Interview with a Supported Education Counselor

October 22, 2015
Today, I’m joined by Andrea, a colleague of mine who works for one of the largest Supported Education programs in NJ.  She is gracious enough to come on the podcast as my first interview ever, so thank you Andrea!
I hope you learn a lot about Supported Education. I believe many students have no idea this service exists, and that’s why I’m bringing on our guest today.
Join us today as we discuss:
  1. How Andrea came to be a Supported Education counselor.
  2. What’s the experience like for the student getting started with Supported Education?
  3. What can students expect to get help with?
  4. How much do the services cost?
  5. How much time do counselors spend with a student of the course of a semester?
  6. How can students find out more info about Supported Education services in their area? (What would they google?)
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    • 2nd one (Thurs) mental health focused
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