Episode 17: Halfway Through the Semester, A Global Goal Check-In

October 26, 2015
College Student Success - The view from 10,000 feet

College Student Success – The view from 10,000 feet

Can you believe that we are now into the SECOND HALF of the fall semester? I know I can’t!  This semester has flown by for me, both in terms of teaching as an undergraduate instructor, and as a fledgling podcaster recording in line with a traditional college semester.  I’ve really enjoying learning about how to podcast, and I feel like I’m improving as I gain experience.

Since this was such a new venture for me, I’d like to recap a little of what’s gone on here for the past 7 weeks for the new listeners.
Story Time
How the concept for this podcast started – My mentor Jack
The most important thing I’m trying to accomplish – Help people set and achieve goals.
What I’ve learned so far
  • I was going through my own transitions, they were more profound than I expected
  • I’m so glad I did this before trying to get funding
  • Keeping the idea flexible, adapting as I go (reddit —> Facebook)
  • my own personal goal change
  1. I’ve been consistent
  2. getting better
  3. it’s been fun
  4. it feels like what I should be doing
Areas for development
  1. more attention to goal attainment
  2. better production of podcast
What I hope to bring you in the second half, and beyond
  • more guests
  • more prep
  • a better site
  • better show notes
  • more research-based stuff
The home exercises I’ve suggested each week:
  1. Set a big goal that ties into your passion.
  2. Write it down, then figure out the first few steps and write them down too.
  3. Figure out dependable time capture and task management tools.
  4. Look back at the first steps, think about what they might have in common, they should lead you to developing a simple ritual (waking up earlier, studying at same time every day, drinking more water).
  5. Today, think about the people around you, or the places where you have the opportunity to meet people. Think about one person you can approach to have a conversation. Again, you’re not asking them to be your mentor. You just want them at this point to know who you are.
  6. Try to work a weekly review into your workflow; get into the ritual of methodically checking up on your To-Do list and calendar once a week.
  7. Think about the things that are bogging you down.  Which quadrant do you see them in? How we can we devote more of our time and resources to Quadrant 2?
  8. This week, try to take a step back, and look at where you’re at a little more globally. Are you on the right path?

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