Episode 18: A Mid-Semester Mental Health Check

October 29, 2015
My first bout of depression, yep, it happened in college
Question about college counseling services
Key Info for this Podcast: 
I want to do something similar today to what I did on Monday.  On Monday in Episode 17, we recapped our progress together with goal achievement, highlighting the ideas that have been discussed over the past 8 weeks.  Today, I will be taking a more global look at our collective mental health, and do a quick review of the topics we discussed on Thursday shows to see how they all fit together.
Here’s a recap of the topics:
Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Illness Management & Recovery
Accommodations from the Office of Disability Services
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Supported Education
Stress is beginning to build (if it’s not full-blown by now), as the semester transitions into the most demanding section.
What are you doing to manage it?
Keep track of what you need to do.
Use the resources around you (friends, on-campus, off-campus, church, family).
Learn and use your coping strategies.
Home Exercise:
As we discussed on Monday, take a step back, and think about things a little more globally, specifically how you’ve been feeling this semester.  If you’re feeling off what can you do to shift directions?

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