Episode 22: Interview with a Disability Services Coordinator

November 12, 2015

I apologize for the slightly subpar audio quality of this episode (hiss, coughs, dog barks, etc.). Such is life. I will work harder to improve quality for future shows I promise!

I’m very happy to have Karen on the podcast today, a colleague and friend of mine who works in the Office of Disability Services at a local community college here in NJ.

Just us today as we discuss:

  1. How Karen came to work in a college disability office; her wonky path
  2. What happens in her office day to day
  3. The experience for the student getting started with Disability Services
  4. What you can expect to get help with
  5. How students can find out more info about the Disability Service Office on their campus
  6. Some disability office hacks for students to more easily get what they need
  7. What teachers find out about a student once they get approved for accommodations
  8. General advice from someone who’s met a lot of college students with all kinds of disabilities.

I know I said I’d start to incorporate some wellness arsenal tools each Thursday, but since this was an interview day, I didn’t get to it.  I’ll leave you with one here in the shownotes, starting with an easy one for many college students, but one that others will tell you they desperately lack: SLEEP!

Home Exercise from Monday’s show:

Don’t forget to spend some time this weekend clarifying your To-Do list. Are all of the steps actionable? Are you waiting on anything from anyone? Start a Someday/Maybe list to get those things off your mind.

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