Episode 24: Action Cures Fear, Making Mistakes is the Plan

November 23, 2015
STORY TIME:Action Cures Fear
My high standards as a child and my story of learning to invest.
Key Info for this Podcast: 
The inspiration for this topic comes from a conglomerate of questions I see posed on r/college related to people feeling like they are failures because they are not succeeding right off the bat in college. Somewhere along the line, it became “not allowed” to fuck up and make mistakes. But the problem is, fear inhibits action. It’s paralyzing.
The Science Behind Gratitude
Your wellness arsenal tool this week is your family. For some, it’s a no brainer to see how their family factors into their success. For others, not so much. Try to figure out how it might be possible to incorporate your family into your “bag of tricks.” It can be anything from helping out with finances to emotional support, to just knowing what your defined boundaries are with them if they are not the most positive influence.
There’s no magic strategy in play here today. The mission is simple. Take a look at your To-Do list. Isolate the one item on there that is most scary to you, and focus on it and it only until it’s done.
Home Exercise:
Express gratitude to someone else in written form. A handwritten note would be best, but I get it, okay? Email is allowed for this exercise.
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