Episode 30: Wrapping up the Semester, Plans for the Future

December 17, 2015
Time to get a bit nostalgic, I will be doing some basking in the next week, then it’s back to work.
Well, the contest did not work out as I intended. Talk about an embarrassing fail. Not one new review! I suppose I overestimated my influence over my 20 something subscribers. Oh well, live and learn.
As for learning, I did a hell of a lot of that these past six months, since I made the decision in earnest to make this podcast happen. Things I learned:
  • How to use WordPress and make a website.
  • How to set up a podcast with RSS.
  • Recording techniques.
  • Generating content reminded me of my days of preparing for groups in a partial care program.
  • It’s harder to build an audience than I expected.
  • I’m sure glad I didn’t get funding before trying out podcasting.
  • Doing this has taught me that I can do other things that I’m not totally confident about.
I’ve also done a great deal of learning in some other areas of interest both personal and professional.
Here are all of the steps we took as a group to get us closer to achieving our goals.
  1. Set a big goal that ties into your passion.
  2. Write it down, then figure out the first few steps and write them down too.
  3. Figure out dependable time capture and task management tools.
  4. Look back at the first steps, think about what they might have in common, they should lead you to developing a simple ritual (waking up earlier, studying at same time every day, drinking more water).
  5. Think about the people around you, or the places where you have the opportunity to meet people. Think about one person you can approach to have a conversation. Again, you’re not asking them to be your mentor. You just want them at this point to know who you are.
  6. Work a weekly review into your workflow; get into the ritual of methodically checking up on your To-Do list and calendar at least once a week.
  7. Write down the things that are bogging you down.  Which quadrant of the Urgency/Importance matrix do you see them in? How we can we devote more of our time and resources to Quadrant 2?
  8. This week, take a step back, and look at where you’re at a little more globally. Are you on the right path? How has your perception of your situation changed?
  9. Be proactive! Do something to get you closer to your goals that you’ve been thinking about but having trouble executing.
  10. Clarify your To-Do list. Are all of the steps actionable? Are you waiting on anything from anyone? Start a Someday/Maybe list to get those things off your mind.
  11. Ponder the idea that happiness is a choice. Think about ways you reduce the negative feelings and promote the positive ones. Think about who you spend time with. Take one small step, try and make one tiny change that’s doable that might begin to lead you in this direction.
  12. Express gratitude to someone else in written form. A handwritten note would be best, but email is allowed for this exercise.
  13. Do an 80/20 analysis on your remaining school commitments. What is that most important 20% that is going to lead to 80% of the output? Dedicate time in the next week to those activities.
  14. Consider making some flash cards to use as a study tool.  If you’re already past the point of this being a viable strategy, then don’t worry about it, and instead consider using my flash card note-taking system next semester.
These are steps that I myself used in many situations over the past six months.  Here’s few examples:
Plans for the future: 
Right now the plan is to go to once a week podcasts. It’s a productivity decision and in doing so, I hope to deliver a better quality product that is well-produced.
Send me an email at collegestudentsuccesspodcast@gmail.com if you have any opinions on the podcast.

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