Episode 32: Dare 2 be Happy with Dan Tomasulo

January 26, 2016
Welcome to Week #2 of the semester!
How’d Week 1 go? Got all your syllabi? I hope so.
Quick syllabus tips:
  • Print it out if you weren’t given a paper copy
  • Look at the grade breakdown for each syllabus. Where will you need to focus your time?
  • Transfer all important dates from syllabi —> calendar/planner
Follow up discussion from last episode regarding Derek’s 5 Factors
  • Applying PVLAS to “random” goals —> Leverage may not matter at all
  • Why should you be working on these things anyway if you’re in college to pursue your career?
    1. What’s wrong with a little side hustle?
    2. Those things make you stand out, which is more important these days
  • Another viewpoint on passion, from someone I admire, Timothy Ferriss. This is an excerpt from an interview with him on Mashable.
Question of the day from r/college
My answer lies in this article:
Today’s Interview
Remember Episode 23? You don’t? Shame on you! 😃
I’m very excited to bring you today’s guest, Dr. Dan Tomasulo, who I spoke about on that show after attending a conference and hearing him give the Keynote Presentation.
Listen to his intro, he’s a clinical psychologist with an MFA in writing, and is now known for Positive Psychology. He writes for Psychology Today, and I’m extremely happy to bring you this interview.
Find out more about Dr. Dan at www.dare2behappy.com
He can be reached at (732) 758-1122 and is located in Red Bank, NJ
Home Exercise
Did you do your homework?  Last week your assignment was to set a goal and think about it through the PVLAS lens to see where the ideas line up, and areas where you may need to pay special attention to.
This week, I’d like you to think about your happiness. Your well-being. Listen to what Dr. Dan says in this interview and then think about what you need in order to be happy. Consider this idea that happiness is a choice and determine with you need in order to make that choice. Hopefully, the goal you set last week is geared toward improving your well-being in some way.
Write it down.
Write down your goal somewhere prominent. Also write down why you want it. That’s it. We’re working on Accountability this week.
Here’s mine.
I want to develop an online course for people getting ready to take online college classes. I want to achieve this goal because I’d like to develop a passive income stream, and am interested in creating something long-lasting that helps people.
Next week’s episode could be huge… stay tuned!
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