Episode 33: Productivity and Why Goals Matter, Zachary Sexton Interview

February 2, 2016
Welcome to Week #3 of the semester!
Quick tip
  • Off to a good start with taking notes in class? Awesome!
  • Block out 15 minutes the day after you have class to review those notes. If it’s a really hard class or you take sloppy notes, take a few extra minutes and actually rewrite your notes.
  • Benefits of encoding through multiple channels
Question of the day from r/college
Sorry if I’m about to depress you, but I feel it’s time to expose the lie you were sold when you started college.
The comment that in that discussion that stands out for me.
Today’s Interview
I’m extremely excited to bring you today’s guest, Zachary Sexton.
Zack’s podcast “The Productivity Show” has been a huge help for me in developing my own workflow and figuring out which habits/rituals are the 80/20 to a happy existence!
Join us today as we discuss:
Asian Efficiency Website: http://www.asianefficiency.com/
Home Exercise
Ok, fess up, did you do your homework last week?
This week is all about sustainability. How are we going to set ourselves up for success? Pick one thing Zack and I talked about this week (developing a system, journaling, meditation, etc) that would help you in reaching your goal, and block out space in your calendar this week to do that one thing, or at least get started doing it.
Previous Week’s Home Exercises
Week 1: Set a goal and think about it considering my 5 Factors (Passion, Value, Leverage, Accountability, Sustainability), and areas where you may need to pay special attention to (Passion).
Week 2: Think about what you need for your happiness and well-being. Consider what happiness achieving your goal will bring you. Write down your goal, and why you want it (Accountability).
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