Episode 35: One Third Done, Note-Taking for College Students

February 18, 2016
Here we are, in week #5 of the semester. For a traditional 15-week college semester, that means 1/3 of your Spring semester is now in the rearview mirror. Last semester I did a mid-semester review episode, but this time around I’m going to chunk the semester even smaller, and look at in 3 blocks.
Take Good Notes words on a notebook to remind you to write important points from a school class, lecture or presentation of vital information

Take Good Notes words on a notebook to remind you to write important points from a school class, lecture or presentation of vital information

Quick tip
  • Do a more thorough weekly review at this mile marker point.
  • Review all your syllabi for big tasks/projects over the next 5 weeks, focusing in on midterms if your class has them.
  • Usually the first third is the easiest part of any course, so if you’ve struggled up until now, consider the implication that things are in all likelihood about to get more difficult not less.
(Not Really) Question of the day from r/college
And now, an actual question
Today’s Topic: Note-Taking Strategies
  • The importance of note-taking
  • Mental illness and cognitive impairments
  • Working memory and “the gap”
  • What I see in my classes
  • The powerpoint addiction
  • High school —> College, a major difference is the need to take notes
  • Encoding overview, the more ways you do it, the better
  • Taking notes on a computer vs on paper
  • Have a system
  • Use tools you enjoy working with
  • The connection of note-taking to flash cards
Home Exercise
Try out one of the note-taking suggestions/tips talked about in today’s episode in one of your classes over the next week. I’ll consider this an Accountability exercise, since I’m asking you to hold yourself accountable for what’s lectured on in class
Previous Week’s Home Exercises
Week 1: Set a goal and think about it considering my 5 Factors (Passion, Value, Leverage, Accountability, Sustainability), and areas where you may need to pay special attention to (Passion).
Week 2: Think about what you need for your happiness and well-being. Consider what happiness achieving your goal will bring you. Write down your goal, and why you want it (Accountability).
Week 3: Pick one thing Zack and I talked about in the interview that will help you in reaching your goal, block out space in your calendar this week to do that one thing, and do it (Sustainability).
Week 4: Examine lack of progress more closely if needed, look at your life’s defaults through an honest lens (Value).
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