Episode 36: The Concept of Grit, My New Hero Angela Duckworth

February 24, 2016
Week #6 of the semester. Midterms are almost here!
Quick tip
Study planning for midterms
  1. Know what is going to be on the exam
  2. List everything that could be on the exam
  3. Cross off the areas you know well enough already
  4. Isolate the parts you don’t know/understand that will be more heavily featured
  5. Estimate amount of hours you’ll need
  6. Compare to remaining days and your current calendar
  7. Learn it! Office hours, outside resources, classmates, study groups, figure it out
  8. Don’t study all night the night before. It’s better spent sleeping.
Question of the day from r/college
Today’s Topic: Grit
  1. My passions colliding, talking gritty baseball on my podcast!
  2. Angela Duckworth and her research on the concept of grit
  3. I’ve taken excerpts from her TED talk to generate a quasi interview of sorts and answer these three questions:
    1. What is grit?
    2. What’s the relationship between talent and grit?
    3. How do we develop grit?
Ms. Duckworth’s TED talk can be found in its entirety at: https://www.ted.com/talks/angela_lee_duckworth_the_key_to_success_grit?language=en
Info about Dr. Dweck (Growth Mindset), including links to all of her published work:
Home Exercise
Complete a study plan for the one midterm that stresses you the most. If your goal does not relate to school, take a step back, see how you’re progressing, and re-evaluate your To-Do list. That’s your study plan in terms of knowing what you have left to accomplish.
  • An update of progress on my goal.
Previous Week’s Home Exercises
Week 1: Set a goal and think about it considering my 5 Factors (Passion, Value, Leverage, Accountability, Sustainability), and areas where you may need to pay special attention to (Passion).
Week 2: Think about what you need for your happiness and well-being. Consider what happiness achieving your goal will bring you. Write down your goal, and why you want it (Accountability).
Week 3: Pick one thing Zack and I talked about in the interview that will help you in reaching your goal, block out space in your calendar this week to do that one thing, and do it (Sustainability).
Week 4: Examine lack of progress more closely if needed, look at your life’s defaults through an honest lens (Value).
Week 5: Try out one of the note-taking suggestions/tips talked about in the episode in one of your classes over the next week (Accountability).
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