Episode 4: Psych Rehab Explained Easy

September 10, 2015
Before I explain what Psychiatric Rehabilitation is…
So in Episode 3, I talked about my first full time job in the mental health field. Today I’m going to talk about my first job with an agency that practices Psychiatric Rehabilitation.
I call this one “Leslie & the angry Kielbasa”
Key Info for this Podcast: 
Origins of PSR – critical ingredients were deinstitutionalization, better pharmacological treatments, CMHA of ’63-’64, and people wanting better mental health care
Quality of Life: Wait, a method of service delivery (non-hospice) that focuses on ‘Quality of Life’ as one of its main tenants? Yes, your eyes don’t deceive you!
Recovery: Could spend multiple podcasts just talking about recovery.
Community Integration: If you’re in college, you’re probably somewhat connected to your community, however you may not participate as much as you’d like (friends, extracurriculars).
How to do it:
Psych Rehab organizations exist all over the world, but they def have their “pockets” of more concentrated areas.  The area surrounding my university, for example, is one of the “hotbeds” of PSR since we produce more graduates of PSR-related degrees than anywhere (in the world, probably, but don’t quote me on it, not researched).
If you’re interested in working with a PSR organization, how do you find one?  Start here (United States Psych Rehab Association is the national chapter):
This tells you which states have local PSR chapters.  As you can see, sadly, only about half of the states have PSR services that have organized enough to form local chapters.
Examples of each:
Types of services provided:
Residential, Partial Care, IOP, Clubhouse, Supported Employment/Education, Family Psychoeducation, ACT
Residential – Supported Housing, which is someone to come by your apartment and “provide you services” based on skill level and goal.
Vocational – Supported Employment, which is having a job coach who will assist you with any and all aspects of the job acquisition process based on your preferences.
Academic/Career – Supported Education, similar to S. Employment, this is the branch of PSR that I have worked in for the last three years doing research.
Link to thread on reddit to discuss the episode to follow:

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