Episode 45: Final Goal Wrap-Up, Reflection on Podcasting

April 27, 2016


  • What I learned from doing this podcast
    • Where I was a year ago
    • WordPress
    • Podcasting
    • Audio editing
    • Podcast led me to research
    • Books I’ve read
    • People I’ve interviewed
    • New goals I’ve been inspired to tackle
    • Development of an online course
    • Which led to new skills learned
    • Screencasting
    • Video editing and most recently…
    • Captioning
    • In the end, the podcast has really firmed up for me the importance of Passion, Value, Leverage, Accountability, &  Sustainability, how these 5 factors impact one another, and how they encourage or discourage goal attainment.
    • My biggest piece of advice from doing all of this – “Action cures fear.” Every damn time.
  • Things I didn’t do so well
    • Other postings
    • Promoting the podcast
    • Getting that “big guest”
  • Plans for the future
Last Home Exercise
Take stock of what you’ve achieved this semester. Recognize the great stuff you’ve accomplished. Note the things you thought you’d achieve but fell short, why that might have happened, and what you can learn from
Previous Week’s Home Exercises
Week 1: Set a goal and think about it considering my 5 Factors (Passion, Value, Leverage, Accountability, Sustainability), and areas where you may need to pay special attention to (Passion).
Week 2: Think about what you need for your happiness and well-being. Consider what happiness achieving your goal will bring you. Write down your goal, and why you want it (Accountability).
Week 3: Pick one thing Zack and I talked about in the interview that will help you in reaching your goal, block out space in your calendar this week to do that one thing, and do it (Sustainability).
Week 4: Examine lack of progress more closely if needed, look at your life’s defaults through an honest lens (Value).
Week 5: Try out one of the note-taking suggestions/tips talked about in the episode in one of your classes over the next week (Accountability).
Week 6: Complete a study plan for the one midterm that is currently stressing you the most. If your goal does not relate to school, take a step back, see how you’re progressing, and re-evaluate your To-Do list (Accountability).
Week 7: Consider your “brand.” Think about how your brand could impact you as a potential employee down the road. If you are not in a position to start branding yourself now, at least write down your personal brand idea and file it somewhere you won’t forget it (Passion).
Week 8: If you’re struggling to achieve your goal, confirm you are truly in the preparation/action stage when it comes to the goal you set in the beginning of the semester (Sustainability).
Week 9: Think back to a time in your life when you persevered and succeeded. It could be a memory from a long time ago, or a recent event, but think about your own personal qualities and what you showed to yourself and others when making that achievement. Write about it if you can. What can you use from that experience to propel you closer to your current goal (Leverage)?
Week 10: Now that you are 2/3 through the semester, stand up and take a 30,000 foot view of your goal, the progress you’ve made so far, how much you have left to go, and if you need to make any changes in the direction you’re headed (Accountability).
Week 11: Talk to somebody about, or ask someone for advice about your goal.  The person you ask should know more about your goal topic than you do. Take a risk, ask someone you’re slightly intimidated by, you’d be surprised who might respond with some great words of wisdom (Passion).
Week 12: Thank a support in your life that’s been there for you (Value).
Week 13: Quit something you know in your heart you need to quit. If you can’t do it today, write down what you want to quit, how you think you can do it, and store it somewhere safe to return to later. This is not Derek telling you to quit something, but rather I’m giving you permission to listen to your heart and gut, especially if you’ve noticed in the past that doing so has been the right decision (Sustainability).
Week 14: List 5 forms of human capital that you feel you possess. You may include forms of social capital as part of this exercise. Write down and execute how to leverage one of those areas in achieving your goal (Leverage).
If you have mental health issues and a success story to tell (current college student or former), I’d like to interview you about your goal achievement quest, the struggles/adversity you faced, as well the recovery strategies you learned, let me know!
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