Episode 48: Procrastination… Break the F*cking Spell

September 20, 2016
Today’s intro song has been huge inspiration for my brother and I as we work to overcome procrastination in the ways that are meaningful to us. We urge you to join us in breaking the fucking spell today!
Reason why I decided to talk about today’s topic
  • Natural interest, relates to my work
  • Procrastination really impacts goal achievement
  • Importance of paying attention to themes that pop up repeatedly in areas of life that appear unrelated
Quick tip
Boolean logic for searching databases and the Internet
Topic of the day (from r/rutgers today instead of r/college)
Today’s Topic: Procrastination
Touched on this in Episode #33 with Zachary Sexton. “evil productivity monster”
I’ve been thinking about this topic a great deal, and recently began to read some research about procrastination. Here are some excerpts
Procrastination increases when:
  1. Students fear failure related to prospects of goal achievement
  2. Pursuit of the goal is aversive* to them
  3. Students doubt their abilities to perform the assigned task
Procrastination negatively correlated with:
  • task completion rate
  • final exam grade
  • course grades
  • well-being (guilt, discomfort)
  • “a form of short-term mood repair that comes at a cost for the future self-esteem”
Positively correlated with:
  • stress
When an assignment is presented in more concrete terms, students procrastinate less (McCrea et al., 2008)
With all that in mind, you might find it strange that I’m now going to talk about Procrastinating on Purpose, a concept made famous by Rory Vaden
Last, I want to talk about Nassim Nicholas Taleb and his thoughts on procrastination:
“Few understand that procrastination is our natural defense, letting things take care of themselves and exercise their antifragility; it results from some ecological or naturalistic wisdom, and is not always bad — at an existential level, it is my body rebelling against its entrapment.” From “Anti-Fragile” which I am currently reading/listening to.
Home Exercise
  • Take something you’ve been procrastinating on, and “put it to bed.” Either do it, or figure out why you’re not doing it, and take care of that issue. Or don’t do it, and be fine with the fact that you’ve changed directions, or it’s really not due yet.
Previous Week’s Home Exercises
  1. Write down you goal for this semester. It should be one single goal, something you really, really want, and something you can achieve in 3 months.
  2. Now that you have a goal, it’s time to map it out. Begin to break the goal down in chunks. Each chunk can be broken down further into steps (not all at once if you don’t want). Give at least one chunk a deadline.
If you have mental health issues and a success story to tell (current college student or former), I’d like to interview you about your goal achievement quest, the struggles/adversity you faced, as well the recovery strategies you learned, let me know!
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Today’s music has brought to you by my favorite gypsy punk band, Gogol Bordello.  I’m sure you guys won’t read this, but you’ve inspired me to #breakthespell and do get shit done and I want to help others do the same so that’s why I wanted to take this one episode to share your music in hopes that others break fucking spells as well. Please don’t sue me. Fair use, yes? Come back to NY soon!

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