Episode 5: Goals Lead to Tasks, Brainstorm Some Today!

September 14, 2015
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How I conceived this podcast
Key Info for this Podcast: 
Big changes start small. Last week we talked about setting a goal, a BG (Big Goal). Even if we didn’t know the exact goal, pick a direction in one of the domains (Living/Learning/Working/Socializing) and go from there. I’ve set up a reddit thread for people to post their goals.  You can find it at:
My goal is to figure out a way to homeschool my son. The main problem I have is I have no idea how to go about it. I need to learn about general homeschooling models, and then figure out which model I’m going to pursue, and then actually find it in my community, or design the curriculum that fits that model myself.
I have actually taken a few steps on this goal already:
  • Talked to some people, who referred me to other people, who I have yet to reach out to
  • Buy-In from some of the important people in my life
Most of all, I need to set aside some time, in this case, every week, to start looking into homeschooling.  So my task for next week is to reach out to one of the people I’ve been referred to.
Now I just need to keep these few things at the forefront of my mind while all the other shit tries to creep in and draw me away from this goal that’s important to me. I know this b/c I’ve had these ideas in my head for a long time as things I’d like to do, but haven’t been able to attend to them.
How to do it:
Many tasks make up a goal. Once you have your goal, the next step is to figure out one task that makes sense toward achieving this goal, and plan a time for it to happen.
1) Write down your goal.
2) Brainstorm some of the first steps (tasks) that come to mind and write those down too. What would you do first?
3) Pick the one that makes most sense to you, and write it down in your planner/calendar.
What, you don’t have a planner or calendar???? If this is you, you’ll need to check out next Monday’s show.
Examples of each:
Goal of Improving Health leads to brainstorming some of the first things to do when starting to make a change. It leads to you talking to someone close to you and telling them that you want to make a change.  This is to develop some accountability to the goal, which will make you more likely to follow through on the next step.
Goal of Graduating: Leads to you brainstorming some things you can do to get good grades this semester.  You think about eating better, or developing study skills, etc.  After brainstorming your list, you decide that this week, you’re going to work on going to bed no later than 10pm so you get up earlier to make you more productive. This is more of a habit-type of strategy, and I’ll have an episode upcoming devoted to how to do this.
Link to thread on reddit to discuss the episode:

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