Episode 51: Interview with a College Student

October 11, 2016
Sorry for recent technical issues (cracks/hiss end of last podcast). I will be getting a new microphone to correct the problem. This interview audio quality is not the best, I apologize and will work harder on this in the future!
Quick tip
For some mental health tips read my first ever guest blog post about how to deal with depression in college:  http://www.takeyoursuccess.com/dealing-with-depression-in-college/
Topic of the day from r/college
my not-so-similar story, but you’ll see how it relates
my response
additional ideas: dictation software, typing, creative accommodation requests (flash cards)
Today’s Topic: Interview with Fae
  • What it was like for Fae to manage a mental illness while being a student in college
  • What were some of the biggest obstacles related to school she’s had to overcome
  • What recovery means to Fae
  • Support networks, and how they impact the timeline of recovery
  • How age, and being older than many peers, has impacted Fae in her academic career
  • Advice for college students with mental health issues that have big goals/dreams and might be struggling right now to make any progress on them
  • How I see Fae when it comes to Passion/Value/Leverage/Accountability/Sustainability
Home Exercise
  • Take stock of where you’re at with your goal progress so far
  • Progress with my current goal
  • A recent moment of clarity I had about one of my previous podcast goals
Previous Week’s Home Exercises
  1. Write down you goal for this semester. It should be one single goal, something you really, really want, and something you can achieve in 3 months.
  2. Now that you have a goal, it’s time to map it out. Begin to break the goal down in chunks. Each chunk can be broken down further into steps (not all at once if you don’t want). Give at least one chunk a deadline.
  3. Take something you’ve been procrastinating on, and “put it to bed.” Either do it, or figure out why you’re not doing it, and take care of that issue. Or don’t do it, and be fine with the fact that you’ve changed directions, or it’s really not due yet.
  4. How does online learning relate to your goal this semester? It might not currently, but is there a way you can leverage any low cost/free online resources? Think about the lifelong learner.
  5. Pick one of the Wealth-Building Principles and determine how it can help your goal become a reality. This might be more of a long-term play for many, but consider these principles and which ones you might want to better embrace as you focus on your goals.
If you have mental health issues and a success story to tell (current college student or former), I’d like to interview you about your goal achievement quest, the struggles/adversity you faced, as well the recovery strategies you learned, let me know!
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