Episode 52: Interview with Kat Glick of Talkspace

October 18, 2016


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Today’s Topic: Interview with Kat Glick of Talkspace

Just us today as we discuss:

  • What is Talkspace?
  • How does it work? If I was brand new, and had never seen any kind of counselor/therapist before, what could I expect the process to be like?
  • How is payment and insurance handled?
  • Why Talkspace might be a good option for college students
  • The issues of selecting a traditional therapist, and how Talkspace resolves some of those issues
  • Kat’s advice for college students with mental health issues that are struggling to achieve goals that are really important to them
  • Talkspace – www.talkspace.com
  • Kat’s Talkspace Bio Page – https://www.talkspace.com/blog/2016/07/meet-our-therapists-katherine-glick/
  • Kat’s personal website – www.personalevolutionllc.com





By making therapy more available, affordable and less stigmatized, this partnership

addresses the epidemic of mental health among college students

NEW YORK — Talkspace (www.talkspace.com), the global leader in online therapy, announced today a partnership with Alpha Tau Omega National Fraternity (www.ato.org), to offer its members across U.S. campuses access to Unlimited Messaging Therapy, a program used by more than 350,000 people to communicate with licensed therapists via text messages as well as asynchronous audio, photo, video messages, and live video sessions.


According to a NAMI report, more than 45 percent of young adults stop attending college because of mental health related reasons. The lack of access to mental health resources and support on campus adds to a growing list of shortcomings that could’ve prevented college students from leaving school. This year, a report that surveyed 139 college and university counseling centers showed that college students are seeking help for mental health issues at a rate of growth in enrollment by five-fold.

Due to ongoing budget cuts, long wait times to get appointments and lack of resources to provide on-campus mental health support, new ways of delivering mental health services and support directly to students are being introduced.

“If mental illness is left untreated, it can become crippling for students — both in school and for the rest of their lives,” said Oren Frank, co-founder and CEO at Talkspace. “Talkspace has been successful in bringing better and more affordable access to therapy, and this partnership with ATO will allow us the opportunity to help college students as well.”

ATO, which has 140 active chapters and 10,000 college students in the United States, aims to remove barriers for its members with the help of Talkspace. Through Talkspace’s web and mobile apps, college students can connect with their dedicated therapist from their smartphones at anytime, bringing the traditional therapy experience into the modern age while eliminating wait times and appointments.

“Fraternity chapters are ready-made communities that provide members a strong support system,” said ATO Chief Executive Officer Wynn Smiley. “At the same time, we want to provide the opportunity for any of our members who feel the need for some assistance the added benefit of professional counseling that is easily accessible. By effectively eliminating wait times, appointments and the anxiety of seeking mental health support, Talkspace is a perfect partner to help us shepherd a higher standard of mental wellness on campuses nationwide.“

On college campuses, the ratio of students per mental health counselor can be overwhelming; in the case of Boston University (BU), it’s 2,000 to one. Across the United States, college students think that getting an appointment with a counselor is a matter of luck, and have been deterred by the lack of responsiveness of mental health services and resources. In the 2015 MIT Healthy Minds Survey, students expressed their dissatisfaction with appointment scheduling at counseling centers even when the ratio of student to counselors is a quarter of that at BU.

To learn more about this partnership, please visit https://www.talkspace.com/online-therapy/ato/

Talkspace for iOS is available for download on the iTunes App Store or at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/talkspace-therapy-counseling/id661829386?mt=8

Talkspace for Android is available for download on the Google Play Store or at:


About Talkspace

Talkspace connects people with licensed therapists through its web and mobile apps. As the leading online therapy company, Talkspace revolutionized mental health care access by bringing the dialogue between therapists and their clients into the digital age. Founded with a mission to eliminate the stigmas associated with mental illness and make therapy more available to millions of people, Talkspace’s flagship product, Unlimited Messaging Therapy™, has already become the preferred method of treatment for over 350,000 people. For more information, please visit http://www.talkspace.com.

About Alpha Omega Tau National Fraternity

Alpha Tau Omega was founded in 1865, immediately after the Civil War as a peace organization to heal divisions and help reunite the North and South through Christ-like unconditional love. Throughout its 151 years, ATO has been a leader on more than 140 college campuses across the United States with nearly 10,000 undergraduate members and 160,000 living alumni. ATO’s partnership with Talkspace is the most recent example of its innovative leadership.

[1] “College Students Speak: A Survey Report on Mental Health – NAMI.” 2015. 24 Aug. 2016 <https://www.nami.org/getattachment/About-NAMI/Publications-Reports/Survey-Reports/College-Students-Speak_A-Survey-Report-on-Mental-Health-NAMI-2012.pdf>

Home Exercise

  • Evaluate your need to seek help. Do you need help with your goal? Where would you expect to find that help? Write down your possible solutions and make a plan to get that help.

Previous Week’s Home Exercises

  1. Write down you goal for this semester. It should be one single goal, something you really, really want, and something you can achieve in 3 months.
  2. Now that you have a goal, it’s time to map it out. Begin to break the goal down in chunks. Each chunk can be broken down further into steps (not all at once if you don’t want). Give at least one chunk a deadline.
  3. Take something you’ve been procrastinating on, and “put it to bed.” Either do it, or figure out why you’re not doing it, and take care of that issue. Or don’t do it, and be fine with the fact that you’ve changed directions, or it’s really not due yet.
  4. How does online learning relate to your goal this semester? It might not currently, but is there a way you can leverage any low cost/free online resources? Think about the lifelong learner.
  5. Pick one of the Wealth-Building Principles and determine how it can help your goal become a reality. This might be more of a long-term play for many, but consider these principles and which ones you might want to better embrace as you focus on your goals.
  6. Take stock of where you’re at with your goal progress so far. Make adjustments as needed.


If you have mental health issues and a success story to tell (current college student or former), I’d like to interview you about your goal achievement quest, the struggles/adversity you faced, as well the recovery strategies you learned, let me know!

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