Episode 61: Welcome Back, Let’s Get to Work! Interview with Gabby Frost of the Buddy Project

January 18, 2017

8 Dimensions of Wellness

Introduction – Welcome Back!

Podcast plans
  • Focus on Wellness this semester (photo credit SAMHSA/Dr. Peggy Swarbrick)
  • Introduction to WRAP for Wellness students – 5 part series, starting 2/8
What’s new on the podcast?
  • Cleaned out podcast studio/closet
  • Better quality sound (foam)
  • Better editing (more experience, bought studio headphones)
  • Awesome guests
  • Trying to bring more value, starting with today
  • Mixing it up with music some
  • There will a spring break this semester (no podcast week of 3/6)
  • Expect episodes on Wednesdays this semester
Review of my past goals from previous podcast seasons
  • Get through the first season of the podcast (Fall 2015)
  • Build my online course (Ace Your Online Class) (Spring 2016)
  • Adjust/do well in my grad school course (Fall 2016)
  • Improve my wellness (physical, social) (Spring 2017)
Today’s Topic – Gabby Frost of the Buddy Project (sorry for intermittent scratchy sounds that popped up in this interview)
Join us today as we discuss…
  • how Gabby came up with the idea for the Buddy Project.
  • strategies that have helped her to be the most productive student she can, while at the same time running a non-profit.
  • the connection between entrepreneurial passion (an extra-curricular activity apart from school), and coursework in college. Do they intertwine at all?
  • some goals Gabby is currently working on, from a business standpoint as well as personally.
  • advice for college students who are struggling to achieve the goals that are really important to them
  • where to find out more about Gabby and the Buddy Project
Home Exercise this week
  • Set a goal with an approximate completion date of 3-4 months from now
  • Make it SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, Time-Limited
  • Think about goal in terms of wellness (8 dimensions pic)
Interviews coming up over the next two weeks
If you have mental health issues and a success story to tell (current college student or former), I’d like to interview you about your goal achievement quest, the struggles/adversity you faced, as well the recovery strategies you learned! I’m particularly interested in interviewing student entrepreneurs and those involved in mental health advocacy, but the invitation to come on the podcast and talk about your successes, as well as strategies you learned to help manage, stands for all. Please reach out.
Are you a college student who is brand new to online learning? Or maybe you struggled in your first go-around with your online course and can’t figure out the mindset behind online learning? Please be sure to check out this course I made: https://aceyouronlineclass.thinkific.com Price is now $19, podcast listeners may email me for a coupon code for an additional $9 off, so get at me!
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Thanks to Rob Cavallo for today’s intro music. For more information about him or the music you heard today, you can email: peloquin17@yahoo.com

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