Episode 7: Time Tracking and Data Capture

September 21, 2015
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A brief overview of my role on a research study.
Key Info for this Podcast: 
Being able to track and account for your time is an essential key to success at every level for almost everyone. I have yet to meet a successful person that doesn’t either have a dedicated space to track their time, or someone to do it for them (an admin ass’t). When all is said and done with our research, I believe it will conclude that people who consistently track their time will end up being the most successful.
Data capture is simply keeping track of all of that info in your periphery. Specifically, though, I’m thinking about a task list, To-Do list, whatever you want to call it.  A dedicated, safe place where you can track the things you still have to accomplish, even if it hasn’t made its way onto your calendar yet.
Our brains are not good at holding on to information (computer RAM analogy).
How to do it:
It doesn’t matter what you use, just use it consistently.
Paper vs. Electronic
Something small enough to carry around with you
To improve checking: Link it to something you already to
TLDR: The calendar and To-Do list must work side-by-side, hand-in-hand. Keep them together, look at them every day.
Examples of each:
The usual suspects (paper, ical, google, etc) plus some unlikely ones (Sunrise, print your own, Passion Planner).
Home exercise for this week: Get your data capture and time tracking systems in order.
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