Episode 73: Semester Wrap Up, Reflecting Back, What’s Next?

April 26, 2017
Week #15
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Today’s Topic – Semester Wrap Up, Reflecting Back, What’s Next?
Status of my goal –> Partially achieved
Looking back over 4 semesters’ worth of goals, this was the hardest semester in most ways.
What’s gone well this semester?
  • The guests! (Pat Deegan, Elyn Saks, Gabby from the Buddy Project, Jack Spirko, Laysha O.)
  • WRAP Planning Series – a resource that will remain on the Internet forever!
What could have gone better?
  • More diversity
  • Too much “me”?

What’s next?

  • At a crossroads
  • May rebrand slightly
  • Commitment to college students with mental health issues
  • Need input, feedback, suggestions
Upcoming Episodes
  • Interview I did for the “Taming the High Cost of College” podcast with Brad Baldridge
  • Possible bonus interview episode – TBD
  • My AHEAD Conference TED-like talk (if I can get my hands on a recording) – July 2017
Previous week’s home exercises
  1. Set a SMART goal with an approximate completion date of 3-4 months from now. It may help to think about your goal in terms of wellness.
  2. Complete the Personal Medicine Worksheet (link above), considering how it relates to your goal.
  3. Tell one other person about the goal you intend to achieve this semester. This accountability trick helps make the goal “real” if you’ve been holding it inside of you up until now, and also serves as a means to get started if you haven’t already. 
  4. Tackle the scariest step of your goal that’s within reach. Time to make some real progress. Be fearless in your pursuit of that goal.
  5. Create a list of Wellness activities that you can “put in your toolbox/arsenal” to keep yourself well while in college.
  6. Complete your Academic Daily Wellness Plan that will outline the habits you find helpful in maintaining your academic wellness.
  7.  Complete the section of the Academic Wellness Plan on Triggers.
  8.  Complete the section of the Academic Wellness Plan on When Things Break Down / Get Worse.
  9. Finish completing your WRAP plan.
  10. Finish the last big chunk of your goal that you’ve been working on this week, or start planning out the next chunk of your goal.
  11. Look out for times you use heuristics over the next week, and how they influence your decision-making.
  12. Incorporate at least 1 of the cognitive tips/strategies into life this week for school or for your semester goal.
If you have mental health issues and a success story to tell (current college student or former), I’d like to interview you about your goal achievement quest, the struggles/adversity you faced, as well the recovery strategies you learned! I’m particularly interested in interviewing student entrepreneurs and those involved in mental health advocacy, but the invitation to come on the podcast and talk about your successes, as well as strategies you learned to help manage, stands for all. Please reach out.
Are you a college student who is brand new to online learning? Or maybe you struggled in your first go-around with your online course and can’t figure out the mindset behind online learning? Please be sure to check out this course I made: https://aceyouronlineclass.thinkific.com Price is now $19, podcast listeners may email me for a coupon code for an additional $9 off, so get at me!
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Thanks to Neutral Milk Hotel for the music for today’s episode. I discovered this band while I was in college, and the album these songs came from (intro: Holland, 1945, outro: Untitled) made a huge impression on me. A top 10 album of all time for me, ever, for sure. 

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