Episode 82: Interview with a College Student: Recovery and Research Opportunities

October 26, 2017
Story Time:
  • Achieving a goal from last semester
  • Is the goal setting/home exercise/check-in portion of the podcast working for people? Are you actually doing it? Let me know either way by Facebook, Twitter, and/or email (contact info below).
Key Info for this Podcast: 
Join Breanna and I today as we discuss:
  • what got Breanna interested in research
  • how her research opportunity came about
  • things she learned, and would liked to have learned more about
  • ways to leverage research experience to help with next goals related to school and/or career
  • some of the biggest obstacles related to life while in college that Breanna had to overcome
  • Breanna’s support network, and how have they impacted the timeline of her recovery
  • coping strategies for success
  • advice would you have for college students with mental health issues that have big goals/dreams and might be struggling right now to make any progress on them
  • Breanna’s advice for faculty related to helping students with mental health issues succeed in college. What can we do better?
Websites/Links Referenced on the Show:
Home Exercise:
  1. Pick a goal, something you want that matters to you. Write it down, and better yet, tell someone you’re close to about it to help with accountability.
  2. Write down a plan for your goal. List out the steps, assign a deadline to the first step. Put that step on your To-Do List.
  3. Take one step this week to “find your tribe.” If you’re already new to a tribe this semester, do one thing to strengthen your ties with that new tribe.
  4. Ask for some help related to your goal.
  5. Do research related to your goal. What do you need to learn more about in order to work more efficiently, save money, and/or become more effective at achieving your goal. There’s always something we can learn that can help!
  6. Reach out to one of your instructors for something you need. It could be related to your academic goals, or maybe it’s something about a personal goal that can be helped by networking.
  7. Do an 80/20 analysis on your goal. Are the efforts you are putting in giving you the maximum amount of return? If not, consider alternatives.
  8. Explore your campus for resources that might be relevant in your goal pursuits. Perhaps there is some program or group or club that you were unaware existed! Explore your school’s website, talk to other students with similar interests, spend some time looking at the school bulletin boards for opportunities.
If you are a recent college grad or faculty member that’s in recovery for mental health issues, I’d love to interview you about your goal achievement quest, the struggles/adversity you faced, as well the wellness strategies you learned! I’m particularly interested in interviewing student entrepreneurs and those involved in mental health advocacy. Please reach out.
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