Podcast + Goal + Forum = Success!

July 17, 2015
I’d like to talk about the interactions I see developing between three crucial elements of the College Student Success Podcast and corresponding blog. Forgive my horribly simple pictorial, but simple is what I’m going for here.
Goal Podcast Forum Triangle
First off, we have the podcast itself.  I’m tentatively going to say the first episode should be available August 12th. I will spend the first three episodes discussing the importance of setting goals, how to set a good goal, and how to sketch out how you’re going to achieve the goal.
Once the semester starts, we’ll work towards our individual goals together (yup, I’ll be setting a goal too!).  The podcast will effectively shift from goal setting to goal achievement strategies. Some of this will be info about resources (such as your on-campus disability office). Some will be cognitive remediation strategies that will help with the focus/attention/concentration aspects of being a student.  Most people could stand to benefit from improvements in these areas, so the content will be probably be rich here.
A critical part of the podcast website, for some at least, will be the forums.  I’m going to be turning off commenting on posts once the podcasts start, and instead create a link for each episode, and put that link in the show notes so people will have one central place to leave feedback, ask questions, and discuss what they thought of the episode.  This goal here is for the the forum to help foster a community of like-minded people.  There will also be sub-boards for people to gather should they have similar goals (example: all of the people with a goal of getting a job might want a board of their own to network and help one another, since they’ll all be focused on the same goal).
In conclusion, I am really invested in bringing you an experience that melds these three critical elements together, as each has the potential to positively influence the other two.  The goal is what will drive people to take the steps, hints, suggestions, etc. that are discussed in the podcast.  The forum is where the community can gather to talk about the podcast, and their goals.  It’s so much easier to work towards a goal when you know other people are striving for similar things.  It might be inspiration for one person, an accountability tool for others; however you choose to use the forum, keep in mind that it’s been designed with those two things in mind.
If you have any thoughts about this process, please let me know in the comments section (I haven’t turned them off yet, as I’m still fine-tuning the forum space).

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