Wanted to Share….I achieved my Spring Semester Goal!

June 9, 2016

Hey all, hope you are enjoying your summer break!

So if you listened to any of the podcasts from this past semester, you know I was working on a goal of my own, to create my own online course.

I’m very happy to report that yesterday, my course was accepted on Udemy!

I started working on this in January, so it ended up taking just over five months.

As a thank-you for standing by me as I chipped away at this massive project, I wanted to pass along a coupon all the podcast listeners can use to try out the course if they are interested. Right now the course costs $20 on Udemy but this coupon will allow you to sign up for the course for FREE!

Would love to hear some feedback, so please try and leave a review. It will encourage other students to enroll.

Here’s the coupon, just click this link

Thanks again for supporting me. I really think the podcast was a huge motivator in getting this course done, as there were times in Feb/Mar where my motivation to see it through was definitely challenged.

See you back on the podcast in the fall!


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